About Us

Our Company

Pizzas Traders produce Neapolitan style pizzas made and cooked to order in a wood fire oven. 

Our oven runs on wood, giving the pizzas a smoky and unique flavour. The temperature operates at around 400°C, which allows the pizzas to cook in two to five minutes (depending on the que!).

Our customers can watch the whole process of their pizza being made from rolling, to topping, going into the fire and being sliced. All creating a unique street food experience for our diners!

You will find us trading at a variety of events up and down the country!


Our Food 

With our team having catering backgrounds we are passionate about our food and product which is why we strive for quality.

All the dough is homemade by us fresh on our site, along with all the topping ingredients before each event.

We make our own meats such as the nduja sausage and pepperoni, and home smoke the fish.

Quality ingredients such as; San Marzano tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and Italian ‘00’ flour are sourced and used, to enhance the flavour of our pizzas as well as the appearance.  

We are always looking for new things to try and experiment with!


Our Business 

We can come and cater for weddings, private parties, kid’s parties and any other event or occasion you throw at us!

A variety of menus can be provided on request with the option of cold buffets and desserts being included in a menu plan. 

Service can be done in two different styles; people pick what they want and it is made to order, or buffet style where pizzas are cooked continuously and served slice by slice.